Monday, March 28, 2011

Celebrating the Bachelor

From Johannes Svensexa
Johannes thought he was going to Stockholm to meet up with Oscar, but it was all part of the plan. When he showed up at the station, we had him right where we wanted him. Clara's cooperation in walking slowly and suggesting detours on the way also made up for us being slightly rushed with the preparations.
Johannes first assignment was to change into a student overall, reminiscing of his time as "teknolog". We all agreed it suited him really well. Next, he received a note with GPS coordinates. It was time for some geocaching! After a few kilometres' walk in the sunny but chilly day, we arrived at Uppsala's Gokart, and we got in an intense race of 8 minutes or 24 laps, to be precise. Because we were all wearing helmets and black overalls, the only one recognizable in the circuit was Johannes with his bright outfit.
Our next destination was Norreda Torp, a cabin not too far from the city with a scenic location by the lake. After settling in, which includes placing the beer on refrigeration, we clashed in a game of Kubb. It may have been the 2011 national debut of this game, since it is a summer game. The snow provided both possibilites, such as sturdy, half-buried wood blocks, and difficulties, such as sturdy, half-buried wood blocks. All this athleticism caused us to turn our attention to the dinner preparations, and the barbecue was fired up.
Before we laid our heads down for the night we also enjoyed the sauna. Unfortunately, the lake was covered by a robust, impenetrable ice sheet so there was no chance of a refreshing/shocking dip.
Thanks to all for the great time! Let's do it again sometime. After all, as Joakim once said, why wait for someone to get married to do this?

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring (Beta)

After a heavy winter, I was becoming impatient. Spring was needed.

Fyris river observations. Has risen from around 20 m3/sec to its average spring peak flow at 45 m3/sec, in a matter of days. I'm getting a feeling it won't have any problems reaching last year's high of 70 m3/sec, considering the amount of snow that we've had this winter. And perhaps beyond. The chance of a flood is rising every year.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Orchids

Mother, presenting her thriving orchids with radiating pride.
Setup used for this photo: NIKKOR 50 mm@f/3,2 at 1/250 sec. SB-600 with Dörr Soft Pro.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Sculptured Ice

From Isfestival
After a period of contemplation, it's time for another post on the blog. One night about a week ago, I set out, dressed according to the -15°C outside, armed with the camera (no tripod needed with VR) to capture these ice sculptures, on display during the Uppsala Ice Festival.
You always learn something new. This time, that these sculptures cast a very interesting light around them, so the photo should include the surroundings too.
This winter has been really cold, and as a result, one has stayed more indoors. I made an exception for this, only for you, Dear Reader.