Sunday, July 27, 2008


Enjoying a bit of sun and swimming by the lake at Länna, outside of Uppsala, with Johannes, Clara, Jessica and Markos. Laying flat on the grassy beach, we played a very mind-wrestling game of chess. All of us furrowed our brows as the game was team-based. It was only necessary to straighten a few question marks, for instance; the Queen may not move like a Horse in special cases, and Pawns can´t go sideways. Apart from that, we could have easily been mistaken for expert players. To further impress any bystanders with our level of intellectualism, we also had a book with Rumi poetry and another titled "Introduction to Confucianism" laying around.
Oh, and in case you wondered, Marcos is wearing bathing shorts.

Also, if you haven´t seen them, check out some photos from my week in Provence.