Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Autumnal Uppsala

This blog is not becoming a postcard blog, I promise.

The two ducks that you see gliding serenely over the water reflection above are actually two males in a temporarily disengaged quarrel. Left is a view rewarding the few who manage to tear their eyes off the sidewalk.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Silvia, Viktoria and the other guy

As I strolled back from the shops I happened to bump into some royals; the King Carl Gustaf (chatting with Tuulikki Koivonen Bylund), Queen Silvia and Princess Viktoria. (that ought to generate some hits...) They were participating in the annual church meeting in the cathedral. I didn´t have anything in particular to talk about with them, so I just said "Hi".

Night Photography

I set out to capture the cathedral´s new facade illumination on "film". The sky was cloudless and there was a promise for an interesting photo. My aim was to do multiple exposures and later generate an HDR image, capturing the whole dynamic range from spotlights to starry sky. Well, as I had rigged the tripod and was looking through the viewfinder, something seemed odd. The towers were somewhat blurry. In a matter of minutes a thick, moist fog had engulfed most of the city. Adjusting to the changed conditions, I focused on light effects from the fog.
As often is the case, the unexpected makes the best picture.