Friday, May 22, 2009

Photos from second visit to Serbia

From SerbiaMay2009

Martin, Dad and I had a great weekend in Belgrade, attending the wedding of Filippo and Zorana.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Friede auf Erden

This is from the concert we did in Falun some three weeks ago with UAK, one of Uppsala´s good choirs. Someone was kind enough to post their video of it on Youtube. I am in the back row, 6th from left, not visible from this angle. The music is by Arnold Schönberg, and quite difficult to sing (the work was actually dubbed "unsingable" when it first came out). It is rewarding at last, once you´ve made your way through it.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Who Let the Cows Out

A cow´s life... Pretty dull, right?
You´re wrong! In spring time they are let out to graze for the first time in many months and go euphoric.
Euphoria, once a year. More than most of us.

They chase each other around and engage in playful butting, such is their emotional revival. For us city dwellers, that are used to seeing cows as dots on a field it is an amusement, and we gather in the several hundreds on farms around the land.

Lina, Aron, Martin and me travelled in great comfort in their newly acquired car. Aron wasn´t very interested in the cows, but went through the roof when he found the farm´s tractor. These, and other service vehicles, lie close to his heart.

It was a rural experience that we shared with countless other people.

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Lens Correction

Move your mouse over the image to see the lens correction in action.

Lens correction is a wonderful feature in Photoshop that can cancel the perspective caused by the tilting of your camera up-down or left-right. For instance, lines that converge towards the top can be made parallell, which generally looks much better. Lens correction can also diminish the effects of pincushion or barrel distorsion that become noticeable if shooting in wide-angle.
So, if you think the architecture on your pictures seems to be falling in on itself, remember this feature!
While this procedure will give you nice, straight lines, it will also crop your image somewhat. So whenever you are suspecting you might need to use it, don´t frame your subject too narrowly.

Aron turns 2

Aron 2 år

Aron threw a really nice party for his second birthday, and was lavished with new toys and books. Suddenly, everyone had babies! As if having decided collectively that the time of sweet, unresponsible living had passed.
A lovely day in company of family and friends.