Monday, July 26, 2010

Summer in the City

The summer in the city of Uppsala usually means emptiness, with all the students back home. Instead, you see people with maps and an enthusiasm for the buildings that most residents can't muster anymore. But today, on my way back from a visit to the photography shop, I found the centre quite lively. Perhaps it's time to scratch the old views, and start afresh.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Mon Bargemon

From Bargemon 2010
For the fifth time, I took part of the musical week in Bargemon, in Provence, France. Differently from other years, the final presentation wasn't a concert in the church, but a masque performed in the multi-purpose village hall. It was a wonderful week, with a lot of music, wine, football-playing (taca-taca) and, of course, photography. It was the hottest year, according to those that know, and temperatures didn't go below 30° until well after sunset. There were also traces after the devastating rains in June, which fortunately didn't affect Bargemon as bad as Draguignan, just 25 kms away, where dozens of lives were lost.

There were three small children present, Maj 4 years old, Lisa, 1,5 years, and Valdemar of only a few months. They sure helped bring down the average age of the group, and were the objects of fascination.

Enjoy the photos!