Sunday, December 30, 2007


"Iiiiihh!", I heard myself say as the small wave broke between my feet. Clara had told us we had to try the water, saying it was not as cold as the river in Norrbotten where we swam on Midsummer. Johannes didn't seem very convinced. She insisted we should taste it too, to see how salty it is. I declined politely. We were standing ankle deep in the Mediterranean water. My face felt like an orange, absorbing the strong sunlight after a long time in the shade.
They grow a lot of orange trees here.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

From Torrente

It has been a lovely day here in Valencia, where I've arrived to spend a few days together with Johannes and Clara. We are staying with Clara's mother, who has given us a very warm welcome. Today, we visited La Ciudad de la Ciencia y de las Artes, a futuristic complex of museums, concert halls and recreational areas. One of the attractions is the Oceanogràfic, a centre for marine wildlife. It contains the world's third largest aquarium, with some fierce-looking sharks swimming around.
The climate is more forgiving here than back home, and we enjoyed a lot of sun and a pleasant temperature.
Watch out for some photos that will show up soon!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Riding to work

As I pedal to work the sun still dwells beneath the sky. Soon it´s pale fingers will reach over the trees, touch what is frozen, and make the crystals sweat. And they in turn will break the light into a wonderful palette. Right before me, the reflection on my handle bar stimulates the eye. Just as the crystals flashing briefly as I pass them by. Although faint, these rays clear my doubt.
As I pedal to work, squinting at the light, I recall what a day is all about.