Sunday, April 29, 2007

Academic birds

At spring time, a lot of young birds come to the University Park. They may have been persuaded by their parents or realized themselves the importance of higher studies. We´re talking about worm picking, nest building, aerodynamics and perhaps Swahili. A lot of these youngsters are focused on going abroad, so an exotic language might be of interest.

While the students enjoy the sweet life of University Park, their parents are constantly busy with their duties. They could ask themselves, "Why don´t we live in the forest? It´s much more relaxed and comfortable." But they don´t! They are distinguished birds, high-brow even, and appreciate the historic setting they live in.

But not all academic birds succeed. Some of them turn into doves, living entirely off government aid. Most turn into ducks and spend the rest of their days in a pond, where the Universe is clamped by everyday life. But a few select, fortunate birds, find a thermal that lifts them and gives them a bigger picture.

And some birds ... Nah, I think I´ll stop here :)

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Mr Östros, I presume?

My workplace is one of Uppsala´s fastest growing companies, and some people higher up on the ladder are starting to notice us. So the other day, our former Minister for Industry and Trade (näringsminister) Thomas Östros stopped by for a cup of coffee and a look-see at the office. He was given the VIP tour and was quite amused by our showreel which to him covered a wide range of products; from liquors to astma medication. "It´s all the same to us", our CEO declared with a voice that meant business.
Previous to his visit, Mr Östros and his escorting fellow party members had been attending the local pizzeria at Ekeby Bruk. While seated, a few youngsters from the nearby school dropped in and spotted his face.
To the great amusement of the people in the restaurant, they asked him: "Hej! Aren´t you Pär Nuder?"

Sunday, April 01, 2007

From our performance tonight in Vaksalakyrkan; singers and musicians.
The ensemble Pian´ e Forte played the following instruments: Baroque violin, tenor baroque recorder, baroque oboe, baroque bassoon, arch lute, cello and treble, tenor and bass voile da gamba.
Thanks to everyone who were there to hear us, including mother, father, Isabel, Martin, Lina (with enormous belly) and Johannes.