Saturday, February 25, 2006


The Sun did a thorough job this summer. Few days have past when the Santiago valley wasn´t bathed in heat and light. I have realized how much air conditioning must mean to the development of a country in this climate. Just imagine your own efficiency at 30 degrees? It´s obvious that you´d rather have a siesta than do anything work-related. But if your office maintains a cool 25 degrees, I´m afraid you´ll just have to go back to that desk, counter, nuclear reactor monitoring room, or whatever is your thing. As a result, more steps ahead are taken.
There is still at least one month of great weather left but if you ask people, summer has past. To them March means back to school, back to work. It´s also the most miscredited month of all twelve. TV ads love to write on your nose that you are in pain now that March is near. Isn´t it funny how advertisement sometimes works with negative messages?
I´ve also agreed to staying on the job for one more month. February was tough, and all indications say that March won´t be any different so they need all the hands they can get. So I guess I´ll continue under the hum of the AC. Siesta-time will have to wait.

Monday, February 13, 2006

New header

After 215 days with the old header, I think it´s time for a change.
This one reflects a bit more accurately my situation. It´s not so much volcanoes and amazing scenery, it hasn´t been for quite a while. Hopefully, those times will return soon. This new headers also features a rich portrayal of the facial hair I´m sporting these days. So, it appeals to all I would think.