Saturday, January 28, 2006

DVD rental

Last night I finally did it. After months of preparation, I felt ready.
I was going to do it. Rent some DVDs. I hadn´t rented a movie for a long time, in at least 1 ½ years, so the whole situation felt novel. To my great delight, all the latest titles were in. Apparently, there is no buffer time before the video and dvd versions become available, as in Sweden. My mind was set on Hero, the chinese film from 2005, and unfortunately it was rented out. The sensation was very familiar. It´s like when you go the cinema and your film is sold out. What do you do, savor the defeat and go home or choose another spectacle? I think most would choose the latter. So, like a grazing cow I moved from section to section, constantly distracting myself with the trailers running on the tv screens. I settled with Spider-Man 2 and, remembering my father´s recommendation, Big Fish.
As I was dictating my phone number to the cashier, my eyes fell on the sweets conveniently placed just in front of the desk. They had Ahlgrens bilar. I looked again. It was actually the typical Swedish candy in it´s original packaging. Wasn´t that unexpected?
As the girl handed me the discs she informed me that they were copy-protected. "We´ll just see about that" I thought to myself...

Footnote: When I got home, I noticed they were in fact copy-protected.

Friday, January 20, 2006


A harmonious wake-up to the melody of birds. Sun pouring through your window. Your arms and legs feel as new after the night´s rest, and you spring out of bed. Your very person radiates vitality. As you open the door to the garden a slight breeze embraces you, carrying the scent of a thousand plants in blossom. Life rushes into your body. You hear the laughter of all that must be happy in this very moment. Your gaze travels straight up, following the white dove that must´ve been right there. In this moment of clarity and truth, the world reminds you: It was not a dream. You may live again. Here, have an apricot. They are just done.

By the way, we´re harvesting the apricots in the backyard.

Friday, January 13, 2006

"Let´s make five jobs out of one"

Let me tell you about how I bought internal memory for my notebook the other day.
I entered the store through the only door that was open, and asked if they sold memory. The girl said I had to enter through another door, since I had entered Technical Support. I thanked her and chose the indicated door.
"Hello, I´d like to buy some memory." I said to a girl sitting by her desk.
"Please proceed to our sales executives" she replied, referring to three young ladies sitting nearby. I obeyed.
Finally, I was able to be attended. When the sales person had received my request, she said "Now, to pay you need to proceed to the end of the room". I did as I was told and sat down with a second woman, who received my payment. "Now, take this receipt to the next room, and they will give you your product." Without further ado, I continued my quest through the premises. In the next room, I presented the receipt and they handed me my goods. I took the opportunity to ask the guy how to install it. "You´d have to take that question to Technical Support."
So, as a nutrient travelling through the food chain, I found myself back where I started.
To make a simple over-the-counter transaction, I had to talk to five people, and one of them twice. Chile may be a wonderful country in many ways, but efficient it ain´t.

Monday, January 09, 2006

In the bushes

Hitch that team up,
Jebediah Springfield,
whip them horses,
let them wagons roll

That a people might
embiggen America,

that a man might
embiggen his soul,

his soul... his soul...

(For those of you who doesn´t recognize these lines, click here.)

This weekend a cousin of my father had invited us to his house on the country side.
Naturally, we accepted. You should never pass on an opportunity to visit the chilean country side. Especially if you´re living in Santiago.
We stayed for two nights, enjoying good company, food and the hospitality of our uncle.
On the last day we went for a ride with the horses. Me, Isabel and Macarena. None of us have that much experience with horses, but we decided to give it a try and have fun.
We rode to a creek not far from the house, where the horses drank happily. As we crossed the shallow water, I noticed that my horse tended to sink slightly in the creek bed. Suddenly, the horse dropped rapidly. One of it´s hooves had sunk a great deal and the animal was struggling to regain it´s posture. After using bad language for a few seconds I jumped off. I guided the horse out of the treacherous water and we continued our little tour.
Macarena´s horse did not respond to input so she switched with Isabel who gave it stronger signals. My horse problems weren´t over either. What´s-his-name (never knew it) was a real food junkie. As soon as we stopped he would lower his head and munch on some turf. I had to give him a really hard time until he started moving his butt again. He was not happy.
Later, we went to the beach so Isabel could enjoy the horribly cold water of the Pacific for the last time on this visit.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year

I wish all my friends a great 2006!
The photo is a 2 sec exposure of tonights fireworks from one of the hills of Santiago.
More pictures of fireworks