Monday, April 28, 2008

Ye Olde Musicke

This Sunday, Ensemble Pian´e Forte performed in the church of Stenhagen, a residential area just outside of the city. It is also the place where I lived growing up, and made many good friends that I still haven´t lost. Gunnar invited me to join and sing a few pieces. I was also the designated drummer to a song I hadn´t heard before. Fortunately, they were so tight on their own that the beat was easy to find.
It was nice to bring this music to Stenhagen, hopefully we will have more opportunities.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Uppsala Sunset

This evening, light was especially promising and I took a little tour on the bike to see if any photo opportunities would arise. So many lovely views to capture - but you have to be fast, the light diminishes by the minute or quicker.

A classical view of the cathedral.

The old mill used to draw it´s power from this waterfall. Now it´s merely decoration. Thanks to a newly installed fish-ladder, the asp can now overcome this hurdle and reach it´s mating site upstream.

The concert hall is one of the newest buildings in the city. The event that just ended seems to have been well-visited. Six-photo panorama.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A weekend on the west side

The location of this year's Heinrich Schütz Society annual meeting was the most enchanting coastal outpost of Marstrand, not far from Göteborg. The society includes singers, musicians and directors who share an admiration for the German composer who wrote in the Italian style. The meeting is held in a different place each time and usually it´s crowned with one or more musical performances. This time our choir was joined with a local one. We performed a few pieces by Schütz and Giovanni Gabrieli, his teacher. Later at night, after our performance in the local church, we were given a small lecture on the topic "Schütz and Venice". This is a special interest group, no doubt about it.
The picture above shows the fortress of Bohus and some chorists practicing on their musical expression.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Mormor´s 90th birthday

Last weekend we gathered in Avesta to celebrate my grandmother´s birthday, turning her 90 years of age. A handsome crowd of relatives, off-spring and friends feasted on many kinds of cookies (a tradition here) and cake. There were some girl friends of her´s from way, way back, and we watched photos from when they were young in the 1940´s. But, of course, the center of attention was as always little Aron, who sat in his great-grandmother´s lap for the first time.
It was a lovely day to spend in the company of family.