Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Less is More

Once in a while, technology takes a leap forward, leaving piles of older gadgets hopelessly behind. That happened quite some time ago, but I am just now catching up.
I got an HTC Desire with an unlimited data transfer quota, which means I can remove the following things from my inventory; home phone handset, celular phone, iPod Touch, ADSL modem (!) and wireless router (but I will keep the last one for future needs). The Desire can handle all those things on its own, and more.
The upgrade includes a few new abilites. Being able to call, chat or email a friend from the same device rings (hah!) true. Video and "photo"-capture at any time. (I wouldn't actually call it a camera.) And so many things that I never missed having, that are rapidly becoming essential. I'm just sorry for the generations to come, who will be utterly helpless in an "offline" situation.

If you have any recommendations for Android Apps, I'm happy to hear them!