Monday, June 28, 2010

La Roja's Finale

Tonight, around 200 people gathered at the riverside to follow the game between Chile and Brazil. 80 % Chileans, 10 % Brazilians and 10 % Miscellaneous. I got there with about 10 minutes left, and it seemed the three goals by Brazil had sunk into the minds of the supporters. The flags that had bounced and waved through the warm air, were now draped around their bodies, to fend off the chill. A few lame shots to the opponents' goal made the crowd raise a cheer, with minimal upward force.

But the sentiment was not one-handed. As soon as the whistle finished the game, a spirit of achievement and pride emerged. Flags were once again lifted, chants repeated, - we made it to here, and how good it was.

Midsummer in Skeppsmyra

From Midsommar2010
Another Midsummer has past and I spent it with friends by the coast. More specifically on Björkö, a two-hour drive from Uppsala. It is truly beautiful in these parts. Quite different from the Uppsalian topography. We enjoyed our stay at Lyckhem Vandrarhem, located in the midst of the woods, and with plenty of birds and mosquitos. Luckily, Clara had brought her Mosquito Repeller (emitting a high pitched sound, imitating a mosquito in heat, or something) and I was armed with a strong chemical/toxic deterrent which I smeared on exposed skin, and was saved from any bites. When I returned home, I did a rigorous inspection of my very person, to ensure no ticks were strolling over it, remembering the passenger I had brought home from last year's coastal visit...
Anyhow, enjoy the pictures!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Five Years!

This blog was started up precisely five years ago, when I was living with my grandmother Ines in Santiago. It was a great, memorable time, and I needed a way to keep in touch with family and friends. Time goes by quickly, and I'm glad to have made a record of some of the things that have happened.
The blog is still going strong! Make sure to stop by often, or subscribe to the RSS feed (at the bottom of the page). Now, you may also give your reaction to the posts with a single click, just below. So easy. Keep those reactions coming!
All the best from me.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Viktoria and Daniel's Loveboat

From Kungligt Bröllop
Together with Jessica, Johannes and Clara, I went to see the celebrations of the marriage between Crown Princess Viktoria and Mr Daniel Westling, now Prince Daniel. The city centre was completely possessed by the event, but in an unconcerned way. Apart from admiring the naval ships, we visited an exhibition with pictures by Annie Leibovitz. Eventually, we found our spot from where to peek at the betrothed; from the quay in Gamla Stan. It was the perfect place. From the 21 round salute fired from a painfully short distance, the beautiful couple in their rowboat, to the formation of 18 Swedish fighter jets passing overhead, we were all smiling, knowing we had witnessed a scene to remember.