Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Winter illusions

As is usual, February has struck with the winter´s heaviest of snow and cold. 
Fortunately, the city centre is better lit than ever, exposing its other self to the nocturnal flâneur. In the park next to the Museum of Uppland, a photo expo plays with your perceptions. The river´s ice cap erases the boundary between water and stone. 
Our surrounding world is indeed illusory.

Monday, February 09, 2009

Wedding in Quito

To my great fortune, a wedding took place the very same weekend I was visiting Quito.  It was my second cousin Francisco and his Daniela that took the vows in a beautiful ceremony in a small church. Afterwards, the party was held at the Marriott Hotel in grand style, with delicious food and dancing (to reggaeton). I was very happy to take part of this special occasion together with my Ecuatorian family. Francisco sent me this photo of us, and as you can see it was a handsome crowd. In the photo are Francisco´s four cousins, one friend and their significant others (if any). I am actually smiling, though it may not be so obvious.