Sunday, September 23, 2007


A great number of loved ones gathered this Saturday in Nora, Lina´s hometown, to witness the christening of Karl Aron. While the priest laid out the message of the ceremony, Aron seemed very interested in the light that played through the church windows. Soon, the priest held him over the baptismal font so he could touch the holy water before it was rubbed on his head.
Afterwards, we gathered for lunch and cake. Since Aron has not yet reached the age of paper ripping, other children offered a helping hand with the opening of presents. A great day, perfectly arranged by Lina and her family.

Arons dop

Sunday, September 09, 2007

The Wedding of Joakim and Gunilla

Two weeks ago, my friends Joakim and Gunilla joined in holy matrimony. The ceremony was held in a small church just outside Uppsala. Afterwards, the couple took a carriage to the bride´s fathers house, where the festivities continued. It is located on a small peninsula, and I, serving happily as event photographer, was able to take some pictures there with the lake in the background.
A very traditional Swedish arrangement in all its glory.

J & G Bröllop

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Uppsala meets Concert Hall

After about a hundred years of debate, the city of Uppsala finally has its own concert hall. It´s been a long road, and many people have been opposed to the project, but now it´s there. An impressive structure, perhaps not beautiful, but striking. The large auditorium, with more than 1100 seats, is surrounded by a lobby with an incredible view of the city.
Unlike our neighbouring cities, Uppsala hasn´t had a venue built specifically for concerts, and visiting and local musicians have been referred to either a gym hall or the university aula. The later is really elegant, but more suited for ceremonies or lectures than music. Being so, it should interest anyone to experience their musical flavour in the new hall.
I hear the whole thing cost about €70 million. Money well spent.